All you have to Know about Lexapro and you may Putting on weight

All you have to Know about Lexapro and you may Putting on weight

Lex) are a drugs have a tendency to recommended to ease depression otherwise anxiety disorders. Lexapro falls under a category out of antidepressants titled selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). This family of medicines functions by growing serotonin profile, a substance that helps manage temper. Whenever serotonin accounts can be found in a typical assortment, you feel happier, calmer, quicker stressed, plus focused.

Lexapro and you will Weight

Of many antidepressants make a difference weight. Some individuals is likely to put on pounds than the others. That research discovered that chance items getting putting on weight is with a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, otherwise dinner a nutrients filled with carbs, processed animal meat, and you may milk.

Gaining weight

A man bringing Lexapro may go through several pounds acquire, specifically having much time-name have fun with. Many reasons exist this might occur. A person is you to Lexapro develops serotonin account, and you may serotonin plays a role in weight manage. While doing so, Lexapro will get raise a person’s appetite, which causes consuming more and gaining weight.

One to analysis detailed that folks exactly who grabbed a number of the brand new antidepressants, plus Lexapro, got a slightly higher rate away from putting on weight.

Although not, Lexapro might only produce moderate gaining weight. A mature research showed that shortly after 6 months regarding cures with Lexapro, throughout the thirteen% regarding people experienced weight gain in excess of dos kilograms (on cuatro.cuatro pounds). A health listing remark noted whenever nine days regarding therapy that have Lexapro, people educated average putting on weight of 1.1 kilograms (from the 2.4 lbs).


Even if less common, fat reduction is additionally a potential side-effect from Lexapro. There are lots of accounts in which anyone dropped a few pounds when they first started getting Lexapro, but there is however not much search support so you’re able to straight back it.

Due to the fact serotonin profile increase and other people begin to sense symptom alleviation, some people will have alot more opportunity, leading to a need to come to life. Including, some people will see that they’re capable set an excellent end on their below average dinner designs, eg binge eating. Each other can result in fat reduction.

Lexapro and you can Despair otherwise Anxiety

Each other despair and you will stress can impact somebody’s appetite. Such as, some individuals may feel too-anxious to consume. This will end up in someone to reduce off an appetite or find shorter satisfaction inside the eating. Anyone else can find comfort when you look at the as well as make binge eating designs.

If Lexapro facilitate alter your anxiety or anxiety attacks, it will have an optimistic effect on their ways of eating. Subsequently, you are able to eliminate or get a few pounds. This type of alterations in lbs will get for this reason end up being related alot more to improving periods rather than a side effect of therapy.


Anxiety could affect all aspects away from lifetime, such as performs, matchmaking, and you may eating routine. People which have despair experience emotions out of strong depression. Most other the signs of anxiety range from death of notice, exhaustion, and you can reduced cravings or overeating.

You to definitely learn from Finland checked-out the possibility link between depression and carrying excess fat down seriously to mental eating. Mental dining happens when individuals takes in a reaction to bad thinking. This study learned that adults with despair exactly who engaged in emotional restaurants was prone to put on weight.

Due to the fact Lexapro helps improve your anxiety attacks, it’s also possible to begin to select changes in your diet plan or stamina. This type of changes you certainly will sooner or later effect weight.


There are various type of anxiety disorders, together with general anxiety (GAD) or personal anxiety disorder. If you have a panic, you gets into endeavor-or-journey mode more frequently or stretched attacks versus mediocre person.

A combat-or-flight reaction can lead to actual symptoms that affect the fresh digestive system, such as for example constipation, indigestion, and you will illness. These types of symptoms may make a man so embarrassing that they carry out not want for eating, otherwise dining will get unappetizing.